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Tourist/Visit Visa with Vision World

Vision World Overseas will make applying for a tourist visa easy and smooth flowing. Our experts will help you with all the documentation, the application process and will take you through the entire procedure.

With our knowledge, experience and expertise, filing your visa application has never been simpler.

Tourist or Visit visas are nonimmigrant visas and are provided to individuals who are looking to visit a particular country for a vacation, or leisure travel. Tourist/Visit Visa does not allow an individual/s to conduct any kind of business activity. Tourist/Visit visas has a limited validity.

Tourist/Visit Visa application procedure, eligibility, documents vary from country to country. Please get in touch with our experts to know the requirements for the country that you are looking to visit.






New Zealand

South Africa


Serbie and Montenegro


Based on the country you want to visit; the processing time varies for each country. To get the complete detail, please get in touch with our experts.

Following is the process for obtaining a tourist visa:

  • Fill out a visa application form
  • Pay the visa application fee
  • Submit the documents
  • Schedule an interview with the Embassy
  • Go for the interview on the scheduled date and time
  • Wait for response for visa approval

The cost of getting a tourist visa depends on the country you want to visit. Please consult with our experts to get more information.

Following are the documents required for a Tourist/Visit Visa:

  • Filled and Complete Visa application form
  • Photographs as per specified
  • Valid Passport
  • Copy of the bio page of the passport
  • Copy of the return tickets – to be submitted at the time of application submission
  • Bank Statement for proof of finances
  • Invitation letter from family/friends/sponsor overseas
  • Financial statements of the sponsor/family/friend overseas

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